Our Mission

Creating life experiences through technology.


Jeremy B. Warner

Producer & Co-Founder

Jeremy B. Warner comes from an established background in film, video, theatre, fine art, and new media. Jeremy worked on interactive video pieces, films, and theatrical shows before moving to Los Angeles. Upon his arrival in SoCal, he assisted George Hickenlooper in editing, producing, and developing projects for film and television. After finishing post on a recent documentary, Jeremy B. Warner teamed with Jose Nuñez to create interactive VR children's programming.

Jose Nuñez

Producer & Co-Founder

Jose Nuñez is a southern California native who developed a passion for media at a very young age. In late 2016, he became involved with Los Angeles based music charity event Bass for Breasts, serving as the Head of Media and Production. Jose worked as an editor in Hollywood and with event management companies before teaming with Jeremy Warner in their VR endeavors.


What We Do

Hamboning Media LLC is dedicated to creating life experiences through technology. We believe that virtual reality, home automation, and other new technologies offer new and exciting ways to create meaningful moments in one's life. Our current goal is to create virtual reality programming aimed at creating programming for children in the 12 - 14 age range until further research on virtual reality's impact on children is known. Based upon the programs that taught life lessons, such as Sesame Street, The Muppets, Pee Wee's Playhouse, and others from our childhood, we strive to create similar experiences in virtual reality and other upcoming technologies. We aim to create interactive experiences, combining a mixture of video, gaming, sound design, and room-scale interaction. Our experiences are designed as non-linear playgrounds that can be enjoyed multiple times and create multiple impressions that strive to make us all better people on a day to day basis.

Personal Info

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  •   info@hamboningmedia.com.